New England Nutritives


New England Nutritives® held an A+ status with the Better business bureau for three (3) consecutive years. On August 8, 2012, we terminated our relationship with the BBB because of the following reasons:
  1. CUSTOMERS WERE NOT CHECKING THE BBB SITE SEAL. The BBB allows us to track each customer who checks our BBB Report Card. Very few customers checked our status. One year, as little as 14 customers checked the status!
  2. BBB ACCREDITATION IS VERY EXPENSIVE. To be “accredited,” businesses must pay a yearly fee to the BBB. It’s not free. It’s very expensive. Businesses who do not pay are labeled “not accredited with the BBB.”  Since no one is using the BBB Report Card and our record is without blemish, we can no longer justify the ongoing expense.
  3. NO COMPLAINTS. WHY PAY? We held an A+ rating for the three years we were with the BBB and never once needed their mediation. Though we are now “not accredited” we continue to maintain an A+ rating on the BBB site.
  4. MOST  ESTABLISHED COMPANIES DO NOT USE THE BBB. Doing some research, we’ve learned that most businesses do not pay the BBB for accreditation. We therefore feel quite confident that we are making the right decision.  
  5. THE BBB STILL TRACKS OUR BUSINESS. Whether accredited or not, the BBB still keeps track of our business. You can see their Report Card by visiting this link:

New England Nutritives® has been in business since September 2000. We’ve provided trouble-free service long before we joined the BBB and will continue to do so… ALWAYS!  Dropping the BBB doesn’t mean we are letting go of our standards. The BBB is expensive and no one is using it.  If it was free, we would remain on board.

Try us! We are a very reliable, trustworthy source for your vitamin needs. 

New England Nutritives®